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Is your home protected this Easter?

Are you travelling this Easter? Here are some tips to keep your property safe.

Make sure the house is locked at every entry point.

You may think, ‘Well isn’t that obvious’ but what you may not realise is that when you are running late to get onto the Road or catch a Plane, Train or Boat, that someone may have unlocked that back door so that the kids could play while you were getting ready or unlocked the Laundry door to go and bring in that last bit of washing.

Always remember to double check and make sure all those entry points are actually closed and the locks fastened.

Lighting up the property 

A dark property is a good sign that no one is home. Thieves like to go about their work in darkness. Installing sensor lights around the property may be enough to deter them from entering the property.

Interior Activity

In this day and age, we are lucky enough to have some pretty great technology. You can now put lamps and radios on timers to give the appearance that someone is inside the house making the property less desirable to thieves.

Regular checkups.

If you are away for a long period of time, you may wish to leave your house keys with dependable friends or family so that they can conduct regular check-ups on your property.

Mail collection.

Nothing advertises an empty house better than an overflowing mailbox. You may wish to have the same trusted family member / friend collect mail or, you may be able to temporarily have mail redirected to a PO Box in your local area.

Parked cars in the driveway.

Cars in the driveway suggest that someone is home. You may wish to consider asking a family member, friend or neighbour to park in your driveway.


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